जेजीयतां संस्कृतम् !

नमस्ते प्रेमिकेन्द्राय करुणामृतवर्षिणे ।माधुरीप्राणनाथाय वेणातीरविहारिणे ।।

राम राम !

I'm Gururaja from Tirupati, India, and a student pursuing Sanskrit for over 10yrs.

I always say, "प्रेमिकः कारणं सत्यं संस्कृताध्ययनस्य मे प्रयोजनं हि तस्यैव ग्रनाथानाम् अध्ययस्सदा"

My Guru KITTA ANNA (SriKrishnapremiMaharaj) is the soul reason for me wanting to pursue in learning of samskrutam and the ultimate purpose of learning samskrutham is to learn his Granthas. With his immense anugraham,I would like to spread through this platform PREMAVĀNĪ, the bliss of learning Sanskrit that I have gained through these years!

I have always dreamt teaching people sanskrit but that requires a strong foundation. So, to spread the knowledge in the right way, I dedicated five full years to learn this beautiful language (still learning it and will always keep learning) which led me to pursue a Master's degree in "Paninian Grammar" from a prestigious institution (National Sanskrit University, Tirupati)

Through-out this journey, Vyoma linguistic labs has played a crucial role by creating huge resource material for learning vyakaranam for which I am forever grateful for their service to samskruthamatha & to us all! Moreover, they are my inspiration in spreading the knowledge to all.

I offer my prayers & obseisance to My Guru KITTA ANNA and my parents who have been instrumental in encouraging and I welcome you all to be a part of PREMAVĀNĪ !

राम राम