Improve your life with Sanskrit

Level 1 - Learn to read, write, and pronounce Sanskrit

An ideal course for those entering the world of Sanskrit for the first time.

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Why you should join

  • Instructionally designed course to help you learn Sanskrit from Scratch.

  • 33 exercises consisting of more than 285+ questions.

  • Self-evaluating quiz module at the end to gauge your own progress.

  • Master the basic skills of Sanskrit - Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

  • Practice the skills through hands-on activities.

  • Exercise of facial muscles, clarity in speech, hand-eye coordination, passive listening, improve cognitive and writing skills.

  • Improves conversation ability, expands knowledge, builds focus and concentration, helps detect problems & solutions, and improves empathy.

  • Builds vocabulary, enhances knowledge, and mind stimulation improves focus & concentration, improves composition skills, and acquires values.

  • Improves brevity, examination skills, clarity & expression.

  • Oration and memory improvement

What You Will Learn

  • Pronounce the Sanskrit letters and words perfectly
  • It introduces the learners to the Devanagari script and teaches the basic letters through animation.
  • Recognition of letters is facilitated through associated activities.
  • Listen to common Sanskrit words and sentences
  • Build Sanskrit vocabulary of 1000+ words
  • There are also activities to promote listening skills and a self-assessment to gauge what has been learned.

Who should join

  • This course expects no previous exposure to Sanskrit.
  • A beginner (of any age) with interest in learning Sanskrit.

Course Content

1. Aksaramālā (Alphabets, Vowel signs & Conjunct Consonants)

Knowledge about Sanskrit varṇamālā, guṇitākśara series, and different types of samyuktākśaras, Exercise of facial muscles, clarity in speech, Cognitive skills, Writing skill, hand-eye coordination, and passive listening.

2. Pathanakausalam (Reading Skill)

Mental Stimulation, increase your vocabulary and knowledge, improve focus & concentration, better writing skill, and acquire values.

3. Lekhanakausalam (Writing Skill)

Better listening & reading skills, expression, clarity

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will the classes be?
Classes will be through Google Meet.
2. What are the materials/support you get?
All the students will be given access to "Smaarikah-aid to memory" which consists of several PDFs related to the respective subject topics which helps in memorizing.
3. Will there be an exam for this course?
Yes. There will be an examination conducted by Premavānī at the end of the course.
4. Will I get a certificate?
Certificate will be offered for this course by Premavānī after conducting the exams.
5. What is the fees of this course?
Our intention is to spread this *Beautiful Sanskrit Knowledge at Zero Cost.* So, we have decided to *provide the classes free of charge as a humble service to Samskrutha Matha.*
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